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1 year ago

chouette interview avec Stéphan Fumière, merci 🍀🍀🍀

Voici l'itw de Greg Lamy, un des artistes les plus talentueux de la scène du jazz européen. Il nous présente son Album “observe the silence"
il nous présente son Album “observe the silence ”dans "la vie d’artiste"
dans la vie d’artiste
Merci à IGLOO Records

1 year ago

Germanspeaking ? 'Observe the Silence' in www.audio.de 06/2021, thank you Werner Stiefele 🙏🌈 on #igloorecords

1 year ago

nouvelle chronique par Pierre Dulieu pour #dragonjazz
thank you Pierre

💿 Greg Lamy : Observe The Silence (IGLOO Records), 30 avril 2021

🖋 Chronique (Sélection Jazz du Mois) : http://www.dragonjazz.com/select21/seleav21.htm

☑ "Cet album superbe charme par sa lisibilité mélodique et sa dimension onirique. C'est en plus un projet cohérent dont l'objectif de "mener l'auditeur vers la contemplation" est entièrement atteint. Recommandé, et pas qu'aux guitaristes !"

🎧 My Dearest" (for Camille part I) : https://youtu.be/OLXzkvDmbho

1 year ago

get laid back with the jazz program of this summer by Air France 😊🙏 and our friends Gregory Ott, Michel Reis, Marc Demuth Paul Wiltgen, Jean Marc Robin, Gautier Laurent, thank you Frédéric Charbaut 👍🙏

1 year ago
Bahrain Jazz Fest

Hailed as the best jazz artist to come out of Luxembourg in 2016, composer and guitarist Greg Lamy's beautiful, spontaneous music has been travelling from Luxembourg to stages all around the world . Soak up the jazz atmosphere with the Greg Lamy Quartet which also features Flavio Boltro & Gautier Laurent and Jean-Marc Robin. Watch their live-streamed performance on April 7 at 8:30pm Bahrain time on our Youtube, Facebook and Instagram channels, click below to subscribe, follow and like! #bahrainjazzfest #musiclx

Subscribe 👉🏼 Youtube - www.youtube.com/c/Clockworkbh
Like 👉🏼 Facebook - https://fb.me/e/RjY6Y9nR
Follow 👉🏼 Instagram - www.instagram.com/bahrainjazzfest

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1 year ago
Bahrain Jazz Fest

with Flavio Boltro & Gautier Laurent and Jean-Marc Robin 🙏😇🍀🌈

We've got a whole load of exciting online live-streamed-only shows coming up from April 4-9 as we present Bahrain's celebration of 10th anniversary of International Jazz Day 🎉This year we present 3 unique jazz projects from Bahrain 🇧🇭 as well as 5 special international showcases from Luxembourg 🇱🇺 and the USA 🇺🇸 in a series of free-to-view-live-streamed shows on our Youtube, Facebook and Instagram channels playing a variety of styles from jazz hip hop, swing jazz, bebop, Arabic infused jazz, delta blues and more!
Stay tuned for details of each show!

This Clockwork-produced online event is presented by BNP Paribas in association with Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority, US Embassy Manama, Bahrain Alumni Club, Music | LX and Jazz House Kids.

A very big thank you ... See more

1 year ago
Observe the Silence – er-em-online

First review in Germany, thank you 🙏

Im Jahr 2016 gewann Meister Lamy den „Export Artist of the Year“-Award in der Kategorie Jazz; er ist somit schon jetzt im Musikerhimmel (auf Erden) angekommen. Drei Jahre nach seiner letzten Veröffentlichung meldet sich Flitzefinger Greg Lamy mit seinem neuen Album “Observe the silence” zur...

1 year ago
SHUFFLE | Best of Luxembourg's Jazz on stage

SHUFFLE | Discover Luxembourg’s Jazz scene with their latest projects which are making waves internationally. Tune in to watch the online-only streaming of the November 2020 concerts on the stage of neimënster with 8 incredible live performances by your favorite jazz artists and bands: Klein Music, Greg Lamy Music w/ Flavio Boltro, Reis Demuth Wiltgen Trio, Benoit Martiny Band - BMB, Claire Parsons Music, Michel Meis 4tet w/ Théo Ceccaldi, Pascal Schumacher, Tele-Port with Jeff Herr, Pol Belardi, Zhenya Strigalev and Jerome Klein.

Organisation: KulturLX, neimënster

1 year ago
Luxembourg Consulate General, San Francisco

Avec Gautier Laurent & Jean-Marc Robin 🙏😊👌

1 year ago
Luxembourg Consulate General, San Francisco

Avec Gautier Laurent & Jean-Marc Robin 🙏👌😊

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