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Greg Lamy & Flavio Boltro – Letting Go / Igloo Records

Luxembourgian American guitarist Greg Lamy presents his fourth record, this time recorded together with Piedmontese trumpeter Flavio Boltro (who has played with Petrucciani and Portal); an unusual but convincing duo. The two interpenetrate in sound and leadership, even if in many tracks it is the trumpet player himself who becomes the conductor of the sweet melodies that characterise this Letting Go, as in Bridge House and Coccinelle, which do not deny their pop genesis, turning to a slight West Coast jazz; In My Dearest, it is Lamy who takes the lead with his guitar, which also recalls Metheny; the rhythm section takes on an important role in the long Oni- rica in which the two leaders travel side by side. But throughout the album, the two produce fluid music in which the rhythmic timbres are the prerogative of the guitar and the sweet melodies (between Fresu and Botti) go to the trumpet; the only cover is a delicate Chi tiene O’mare by Pino Daniele.