Born in New-Orleans (U.S.A.). Lives and works between Luxembourg & Paris. Graduate at the Berklee College of Music (Boston). 


Berklee College of Music in Boston (U.S.A.): Study of jazz guitar under Jon Damian, Hal Crook, Edouard Tomassi, Rick Peckham and Mick Goodrick.

Concerts with Joshua Davis, Oscar Stagnaro, Mohamed Kalifa, Lionel Loueke, etc…
Diploma with a Major in Performance.

1997-1998: Visiting Student at Trinity College in London (Grade 8).


back in Europe, creation of the “Greg Lamy Quintet” in Brussels with Sal La Rocca (bass), Emmanuel Duprey (piano), Mourad Benhammou (drums), Jeroen Van Heerzele (sax). Composition of the first own pieces for jazz such as “Paradoxe” and “Eclipse”. Appearance of the Greg Lamy Quintet on several festivals and clubs throughout Europe.


Appearance on the Brussels jazz scene together with Bruno Castellucci, Sal La Rocca, Erwin Vann, Jeroen Van Herzeele, Bart De Nolf, Philip Aerts, etc…

Beginning of a series of collaborations in the U.S.A. and in Europe, among others:
Lionel Loueke (guitar), Mathias Künzli (drums) and Massimo Biolcati (bass)
“Alba Quartet” with Andr頋l鮥s (bass), Johannes Müller (sax), David Anlauff (drums)
Alain Perrenoud (guitar)
Oliver Strauch (drums), Jochen Krämer (drums), Marc Demuth (bass), Fabien Marcoz (bass)
Greg Lamy & Pascal Schumacher Quartet


creation of the “Greg Lamy Quartet” with his friends Emmanuel Duprey (piano), Sal La Rocca (bass) and Donald Kontomanou (drums).

At the end of 2003: recording sessions of a maxi-cd with the “Greg Lamy Quartet”, produced by Greg Lamy and funded by SacemLuxembourg. Release of own compositions “Eclipse”, “Take It Another Time!”, “Octopus”.


release of the Greg Lamy CD.
Tour and concerts of the Greg Lamy Quartet scheduled during 2004.
Several jazz projects planned in France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.


New-York, new jazz quartet with Massimo Biolcati (bass), Ferenc Nemeth (drums) and Javier Vercher on sax.

Differents sessions and concerts with some great jazz-cats, among them Lionel Loueke, Gretchen Parlato, Peter Bernstein, etc…
Concerts in New -York at the “55Bar”, “Smoke”, etc…


Release of a new CD “What are you afraid of?” with Massimo Biolcati-bass-, Ferenc Nemeth-drums-, Javier Vercher-sax-, and Gretchen Parlato-vocals- on track 2&5, recorded in april 06 in Brooklyn. Some gigs in nyc at “cornelia street cafe”, “smoke”, “55Bar” etc….

Appearance in differents Festivals in europe with the quartet.


The “Greg Lamy Quartet” played during 2007 at several international Jazz Festival like the “New-York City WInter Jazz Festival”, “Nancy Jazz Pulsation”, “Brussels Jazz Festival”, “Blues&Jazz Rallye Lux.” etc…

The band includes those great cats from europe, Jean-Marc Robin-drums; Gautier Laurent-bass; Johannes Mueller-sax.


Several appearance in differents jazz clubs & festivals with the quartet. GL went to France -bretagne- for a jazz guitar clinic.

Recording in april of a demo with Paulo Simoes (guitar duo), working trip to new-york, madrid, barcelona. Visiting artist in Paris (oct.&nov.&dec.), writing new tunes for the new CD of the -greg lamy quartet-, the CD will be recorded in Koln (D) may09, and will be out sept 09.


The gl quartet with Johannes Mueller-sax-, Gautier Laurent-bass- and Jean-Marc Robin-drums-, recorded (may 09) in Koln a new CD called “I see you”. The release concerts ended up in oct&dec 09 and january 10. Several appearance in differents major Jazz Festival & Club through Europe.

Continuation of preparation and concerts with the guitar Duo gl & Paulo Simoes.


The gl 4tet played at the London Jazz Festival, Skoda Jazz Festival in Brussels, we did a tour in China, Shanghai, and many other festival around the world. We recorded dec.2010 in Duo (gl & Paulo SImoes) our new CD “Jazz guitar Duo”, jan.2011 Marc Demuth (bass) came also in the studio (Koln) to record a few tunes.


Release of the CD “Jazz Guitar Duo” with Marc Demuth, many concerts around europe, London “Vortex-Club” (G/B), Weltkulturerbe “Volklinger Hutte” (D), “Brussels Jazz Marathon” (B), Estonia,Tallin, “Nargenfestival” (EST), etc…


We did a lot of concerts around Europe with the Quartet and with the Duo Jazz Guitar,

In december 2012 the quartet (Johannes Mueller, Gautier Laurent, Jean-Marc Robin and myself) went to the studio in Koln, Germany, on dec 21 & 22nd to record our new CD -Meeting-, we signed up with a great Jazz Label -Igloo Records- from Belgium, the CD will be release 2013.


The CD -Meeting- signed on -Igloo Records- came out in Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands. The news songs on -Meeting- were performed with the 4tet around europe in many differents venues. We performed in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, London Jazz Festival, etc …


Release of the New CD Meeting. Intensive touring through Europe (Paris, Brussels, Köln, etc…) We played at Jazz Meeting organized by Music:LX (Export Office). During the whole Summer I received a ‘Carte Blanche’ at Neumunster CCRN and could invite Ernie Hammes (trp), Gautier Laurent (bass), Jacques Pirotton & Paulo Simoes (guit), Benoit Vanderstraeten (electric bass).


Intensive touring through Europe and Brazil. The GL 4tet played at the Chellah Jazz Festival in Morocco. The 4tet toured in Brazil, Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo, Rio Janeiro, etc… We played also in Porto at the ‘Casa Da Musica’ and also in Brussels -Jazz Station-. In Duo we played some recitals in Washington and Köln. We did a new collaboration in Italy with the great singer Marco Massa,  a concert was done for the UNESCO Jazz Day in Milano. In Luxembourg we played at the Philharmonie with  Paulo Simoes, Ernie Hammes, Jérôme Goldschmidt and Gautier Laurent.

Greg Lamy – Festivals/Concerts (Selection)

  • Summerstage, Château de Wiltz (L), Greg Lamy Quintet, Liz Mc Comb, The Michel Camilo Trio, Dave Weckel Band, 2001.
  • Concert de Midi, Villa Louvigny (L), 2001, 2004.
  • Art In Beaufort (L), 2001, 2002, 2003.
  • Blues’n Jazz Rallye (L), 2001-2013.
  • Festival de Chassepierre (B), 2001, 2004.
  • Festival Culturel Esch (L), 2001,2006.
  • La Nuit du Jazz, Centre des Arts Pluriels, Ettelbrück (L), 2002.
  • 12eme Festival International « Jazz à Liège » (B), 2002.
  • Blues & Jazz um Haff, Merscheid (L), 2002, 2008.
  • Fête de la Musique, Luxembourg (L), 2002, 2003.
  • Bénédicte Jazz Festival, Clervaux (L), 2002.
  • Mons en Jazz (B), 2002.
  • Musek am Syrdall (L), 2003.
  • Louvain-La-Neuve (B),2003.
  • Brussels Jazz Marathon, Grand-Place Brussels (B),2003. Place du Sablon, 2004. Place Ste Catherine, 2007.
  • Jazz-Syndikat Saarbrücken (D), Greg Lamy Quartet & Ron Carter Foursight, 2003.
  • Festival de la Création Artistique, Esch (L), 2003.
  • Festival Jazz de “Luxe”, Saarbrücken (D), 2004.
  • 5th European Jazz Festival in Athens (Gr), 2005.
  • The “55Bar”, Christopher Street, New-York, 2005.
  • The “Luxembourg House”, New-York, 2005.
  • The “Philharmonie” in Luxembourg (L), 2006, 2011.
  • 6th European Jazz Festival in Athens, (Gr), 2006.
  • Stadtgarten, Koln, (D), 2006.
  • NYC  WInter Jazz Festival, Knitting Factory, new-york, 2007.
  • Festival Nancy Jazz Pulsation (F), 2007.
  • Museum of Modern Art, MUDAM (L), 2008. 
  • Jazz Festival im Brunnenhof (D), 2009.
  • Brussels Jazz Festival, Flagey, (B), 2009, 2010.
  • Skoda Jazz Festival, brussels, (B), 2009, 2010.
  • China, Universal Expo 2010, Shanghai,(CHN), 2010.
  • London Jazz Festival, (UK), 2010.
  • Estonia, Tallin, “Nargenfestival” (EST),2011.
  • London, “Vortex-Club”, (UK), 2011.
  • Kempen, “Campus”, (D), 2011.
  • Weltkulturerbe, “Volklinger Hutte”, (D), 2011.
  • Brussels Jazz Festival, (B), 2011.
  • France, Paris, “L’Improviste” & Cite Universitaire Paris, (F), 2012.
  • Germany, Saarbrucken, “Theater im Viertel, (D), 2012.
  • Festival Jazz Pote, Metz/Thionville, (F), 2013.
  • Festival Jazz en Sol Mineur, Hussigny, (F), 2013.
  • Autumn Leaves Jazz Festival, Luxembourg, (L),2013.
  • Festival Grenzenlos, Bonn, Landesmuseum, (D), 2013
  • Baiser Salé, rue des Lombards, Paris, (F), 2014.
  • Jazz Meeting, Abbaye de Neumunster, Lux., (L) 2014.
  • Chellah Jazz Festival, Rabat, Morocco, (MA) 2015.
  • Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Campinas, Sao Paulo, (BR) 2015.
  • Washington DC, (U.S.) 2015.
  • Künstler Haus, Münich, (D) 2015.