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Greg Lamy Quartet “I See you” -2009-

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Recorded @ The Loft Studio in Köln (D) 2009.

With Jean-Marc Robin (drums), Johannes Mueller (sax.) & Gautier Laurent (bass)

“Greg’s very fluid playing settles a vast range of melodic climates. His new album – I see you – is proof that we are in presence of a musician with a bright future.” Lionel Loueke, 2013.

“Once again he produced a convincing album, jazz, sometimes groovy-soulful, sometimes folk ballad, sometimes straight ahead swinging, sometimes laid-back rocking – it’s a broad spectrum. Also impressive, the way the bass player Gautier Laurent is supporting the rest of the band. My favorite is on/off, it’s a cool piece with reptitive bass line patterns and a clear guitar tone, it’s very relaxed, like the Thelonious Monk’s classic ‘Round Midnight’.”
It succeeds….

Lothar Trampert, für magazin „Gitarre & Bass“ February 2010.